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What to Expect for Your Princess Party 

At Pretty Tea Parties, we are breaking the stereotypical mold of
"Pink Princess Parties".  We really do try hard to make your party special. The invited adults are encouraged to participate AND come to the event wearing semi-formal outfits such as suits,"Sunday Best", wedding reception attire plus fascinators, "Kentucky Derby"or tea hats.  

We do not offer any variation of Disney Princesses.

  • Your Princess will be her own beautiful princess.

  • We advocate for her to be confident and passionate about herself.  

  • We hope for her to follow her goals, think big, and see what she is capable to achieve.

You will not find massive pink decor.  

  • The decor is tastefully designed with stunning antique furniture, breaking the stereotypical explosion of pink decor plastered everywhere. 

  • Discerning adults know quality and will recognize such details at our location.


No Craft Projects.  

  • We do not offer coloring, painting or play-dough activities during your Royal Party. The girls are engaged in more suitable Princess activities.

There are no balloons animals, clowns or face painting.

  • We offer elegant parties for little ladies and believe carnival type offerings clash with gowns.

  • Elegant makeup is offered with the Queen's Private Collection Package.

Changing Clothes

  • We offer elegant dresses to wear as part of the event.  

  • Each guest is required to wear top and bottom undergarments, sleeveless leotard, tank top, swimsuit, camisole, etc. when wearing the dresses. If such garments are not worn, a camisole will be provided.  This means the guest will need to partially undress in the private fitting room for a moment in order to put on the freshly laundered camisole provided.  Staff is available to provide assistance if necessary.

Socks and Shoes

  • In order to complete the look, it is best to have the guest wear ballet type slip on flats or dress shoes.


  • Come with clean face and clean hair.

  • Pre-brush child's hair to ensure tangles are eliminated.

  • Children will be encouraged to use the restroom prior to changing into the dresses.

  • Hand soap and hand sanitizer is available on site.



  • Disruptive, unruly guests (including adults) will be asked to leave the premise.  Refunds will not be provided. 


  • All presents will be collected for the Guest of Honor.

  • If time allows and by choice, some or all presents may be opened during the party.  

  • Remaining presents will be delivered to the parent / guardian vehicle.

Goodie Bags

  • As we all know, a lot of parents dislike goodie bags. The children probably don't need another sticker, some temporary tattoos, a plastic ring and a few pieces of thrown in candy.  We do not supply goodie bags and you are under no obligation to provide them.

Real Flame Candles

  • Only battery candles are permitted on site.  No flames of any kind are permitted due to potential fire hazards. 

Outside Food

  • ​Your Princess Party Event includes tea party food. We understand that bringing in a special cake baked by Grandma is important to you, so let us know in advance what you'll bring and we will attempt to accommodate the items into the food service.


  • We do not tease you with a low base price only to have you create the real party with hidden "Add-On" costs.

  • Each additional guest over the 13 girls and 4 adults for the Royal Princess Party is $69 per additional guest. 

  • Each additional guest over the 13 girls and 4 adults for the Queen's Private Collection is $89 per additional guest.


  • We really would like for the adults attending the event to participate. Perhaps sing along and even dance with their child in the ballroom.  You really are not going to want to miss out on this special moment.

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